What's New in Lancaster County, PA 

Check out what's new in Lancaster County for your groups to enjoy!

Sunset View Aquaponics - Farming of the Future in Amish Country!

Our Amish friend, Sam, has built a "vertical growing system" of the future, virtually unseen outside of Florida and Disney World. Without the use of soil, over 2,000 heads of Boston bib lettuce are grown "in the air" per week, much of it for Whole Food Stores. Tall revolving towers are watered every 20 minutes with nutrients. (No insecticides or herbicides.) You'll meet one of the Amish for a personal tour from the time seeds are "planted" until harvest, and see the entire operation. The greenhouse will forever change your ideas of farming, Amish or otherwise! Group bookings through the Amish Experience, Route 340, Bird-in-Hand. 800-555-2303, ext. 221 or 218.

Amish Neighbors Tour

Don't miss this incredible tour that will take you inside a real Amish farmhouse to actually meet with Anna Fisher Lapp and her family and even enjoy a snack! There are several different options for this tour that you can choose from depending on your group's specific needs and wants. Visit the website to see those options!

Lancaster County Comedy Show

The Lancaster County Comedy Show is a must--see while visiting Lancaster County. Ryan & Friends, a comedy vantriloquist, and his friends perform a hilarious show all about Lancaster County! Don't miss this fun-filled event. For tickets information, visit their website.

New Look. New Location. New Experience. Intercourse Canning Company

We're moving! After 15 years in our current location, we have funally outgrown our building. What does this mean? Manufacturing is moving to New Holland, Pennsylvania (just a 10 minute drive from Intercourse), and our retail store is staying in Intercourse to continue to serve YOU, our loyal customers. AND... we're adding a new canning experience! At our new location, you'll get to see:

We're now located in the center of Intercourse, PA across the streat from Stoltzfus Meats.

Bird-in-Hand Banquet in a Cornfield

Bird-in-Hand Family Restaurant & Smorgasbord
The Smucker Family has its roots in the fertile soil of Lancaster County, with family members still farming and raising produce and livestock. Here’s your unique opportunity to connect with that land and its delicious bounty. Imagine this – a Cornfield Banquet on the farm of our co-owner, John Smucker and his wife Myrna! In a tractor-drawn farm wagon Guests will be transported to and from the Bird-in-Hand Family Restaurant & Smorgasbord to the Smucker farm about a mile away. (Alternative transportation will also be available.) At John and Myrna’s farm, we’ll treat Guests to an unforgettable meal, followed by time to gather informally on hay bales around the Smucker’s fire pit.

Amish School Christmas Program

Amish Country Tours
With the input of a local Amish teacher, the script for a mini-Christmas program has been created to involve your group. We'll use those in your group to play the students. Stories, poems and Amish Christmas carols will be enjoyed by all.  Tour includes a guided farmlands tour and can also be packaged with theatre, meals, or other attractions.

A Church Picnic With a Hymn Sing

Enjoy a typical Amish church picnic - good food and games are included! An Amish Minister and his family will lead your group in a  hymn sing. Available April - October, able to be combined with other tours.

Dine With the Amish

Hershey Farm Restaurant
Enjoy lively conversation during your meal as the family members join your group for dinner. Hear personal stories from the Amish about their way of life, farming, their children's schooling, beliefs and customs, and more.

Old Fashioned Picnic on an Amish Farm

Brunswick Tours
Get a real taste of Amish life with an old-fashioned country picnic, right on an Amish farm.   You’ll be able to interact with the Amish family, enjoy the pristine beauty of their gardens and farmlands, and gain a real appreciation for the peace, tranquility and simple pleasures of the Amish lifestyle.  It’s an experience that’s sure to be the highlight of your visit to PA Dutch Country!

An Evening With the Amish

All-in-One Tours
Enjoy a relaxed atmosphere, much like an evening in a friend's home, where you can spend the evening in an Amish home on their farm. You will sit down and have a catered meal with the family, talk to them, walk on the farm, and just relax! The family will share their customs and traditions, and would love to learn about the group's customs as well!

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