Faith & Heritage Trail - Sponsors

The Faith & Heritage Trail explores the history and heritage of Lancaster County. In addition to the businesses that are part of the trail, a team of other partners joined up to make it happen.

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The Faith & Heritage Trail is supported by the following partners:

Refreshing Mountain Retreat & Adventure Center
Refreshing Mountain is a year-round retreat and adventure center that has provides family friendly activities and overnight getaways. Overnight lodging options including family cabin rentals, tent sites and group retreat facilities are also available.

Refreshing Mountain Retreat & Adventure Center
455 Camp Road, Stevens, PA 17578 |  (888) 353-1490

Garden Spot Village
Put your passions into action. Life is rich with posssibility. Live concerts, engaging classes and personal trainers. The carefully designed homes and award-winning programs mean that you live life the way you choose. Every day!

Garden Spot Village
433 South Kinzer Ave, New Holland, PA 17557 | (717) 355-6000


Discover Lancaster
It's known worldwide for vast farmland, buggies and a simpler way of life. But part of what makes Lancaster County so remarkable is how the things you know and the things you never expected to find here compliment and contrast each other so wel. As small-scale, artisanal production enters back into our cultural vocabulary and consumers are more conscious of the story behind the products they buy, we're happy to be able to say that here in Lancaster County, that's just how we've always done things.