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Lancaster, PA’s Ultimate Donut Guide

Lancaster, PA’s Ultimate Donut Guide

Breakfast, lunch or even dinner – donuts are a delicious treat for any time of day. Lancaster County is home to classic donut creations, like the Long John and Fasnacht, along with bakeries putting a spin on the traditional with made-to-order pastries and even one topped with salty bacon.

Whether you’re pairing it with your morning coffee or snacking later in the day when your sweet tooth calls, stop by for one of the fantastic fried treats below. Grab one (or even a dozen) and experience Lancaster’s donut scene for yourself:

The Classic

No, it’s not an éclair, although it may look a lot like one. The Long John is a bar-shaped, yeast donut covered in a variety of icing flavors. We opted for chocolate, but other tasty flavors include peanut butter and vanilla.

If you’re in search of an authentic long john, head over to Achenbach’s in Leola. They’re been serving up scratch-made baked goods for 60 years.

The Fruity Find

An apple fritter a day may not keep the doctor away, but they do make a nice treat every once in a while. This donut is swirled with cinnamon and apples, and topped with sugary sweet glaze.

Shady Maple is serving up this fruity fritter in the smorgasbord alongside a wide variety of house-made pastries. If you’re just in the mood for an apple fritter, stop by their Farm Market where you can buy donuts individually or by the dozen.


Get them while they’re warm! Duck Donuts specializes in made-to-order donuts with a variety of glazes, toppings, and drizzles, allowing eaters to design their own sweet treat. Donuts are fried and decorated while customers are invited to watch the process.

Our fruity creation features lemon glaze, rainbow sprinkles, and raspberry drizzle on a warm vanilla donut. They offer suggestions in their menu, but feel free dream up a unique creation.

The Sweet and Savory

Picture this – a fresh vanilla donuts blanketed in sweet maple icing then topped with salt bacon bits. You heard that correctly; Duck Donuts is also serving up a donut with bunches of real bacon bits on top… and it’s delicious!

The Dinner Donut

What’s golden brown and cheesy in the middle? A grilled cheese donut from Tom + Chee! The folks at Tom + Chee put cheese between a sliced donut and grilled it to perfection.

And that’s just the classic version. Sweeter versions of this treat feature chocolate, marshmallows, bananas, peanut butter mascarpone, and strawberries.

The Donut worth Celebrating

Fasnachts are donuts with their own day. This delightful donut is traditionally consumed on Fat Tuesday, when households would use up their lard, sugar, butter and eggs prior to the beginning of Lent. Often times, they’re made with mashed potatoes and fried in lard – not your average donut!

On Fasnacht Day, glazed and powered varieties can be found at market stands and bakeries across the county.

The Donut of Brotherly Love

Over 30 years ago, Beiler’s Doughnuts started serving up treats at Reading Terminal Market in nearby Philadelphia. They’ve expanded west to open a shop in Lancaster where hungry donut-lovers can find flavors like triple chocolate cake, fruity pebbles, and key lime.

For the hot summer days, Beiler’s created a donut ice cream sandwich for one-heck-of-a dessert.