Mount Joy, Lancaster County, PA

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Named after an Irish supply ship, Mount Joy was founded in 1721 by Scots-Irish immigrants, and is located along Route 230, which was once known as the only road that linked Lancaster and Harrisburg. Originally, the town began as one of three villages clustered together as a stop for those traveling on the western frontier. The first businesses within Mount Joy during this time consisted of taverns, blacksmith shops and wagon makers. However, due to the vast amount of fertile land surrounding the town, Mount Joy 's identity has become closely associated with the agriculture industry.

Although the town has changed over the years, much of the original architecture designed before 1939 has survived, offering historical charm. Mount Joy seeks to blend this history with revitalization - so much so, in fact, that the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania designated the borough as a Main Street Community in 2002. With this, the village offers visitors a step back into the past, but guarantees exciting community events, activities, and attractions.

For instance, you'll experience history with a modern twist by visiting the popular attraction known as Bube's Brewery. It was originally founded by Bavarian immigrant, Alois Bube, who established a brewery and the Central House Hotel in 1889. In continuous operation ever since, the establishment is now a microbrewery and restaurant offering guests the very best in ales, casual fare, fine dining, and interactive events.

You'll also want to get lost along the surrounding country roads of northwestern Lancaster County to appreciate the tranquil farm scapes. Check out our historic covered bridges on the Historic Rivertowns & Western Villages Trail.

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