Intercourse Bike Works

Intercourse Bike Works sells and services the world’s best bikes, and then we take it a step further. We pair Lancaster County’s picture-perfect views with ultra-comfortable bikes in our memory-making tours. After all, the best way to experience our home is with fresh air at your back, two pedals beneath your feet, and a guide who knows all the most treasured pockets of our pristine little area of the world.

You probably have a few questions before you’re ready to mount the bike and follow us down the road less travelled. We try to answer many of those questions below. Of course, we’re always happy to talk it out, too! Call us or email us with any questions. Any!

New Self-Guided Tours - The hardest part is deciding which one to choose:
Want to explore our roads at your own pace? Need help finding the best roads and most treasured landmarks? We’ll fit you on a fast rolling Specialized hybrid road bike and send you off on your way! We’re happy to share the routes we love the most – and these aren't just maps either. Each of our custom routes has a unique theme that is sure to take your breath away. Come see why Intercourse Bike Works is THE destination for the self-guided tourist. We even have a hotel concierge service. When you arrive, you can choose your route from our now famous "wall of routes".

Do I have to be an experienced cyclist?
No! Please, no! These tours aren’t designed to be workouts. They’re designed to be experiences! We want you to breathe easy, take pictures, and take in the peace that surrounds you. The last thing we want is for you to feel intimidated. We chose the bikes you’ll ride based on their ease of operation and overall comfort. So, take a seat, grab those handlebars, and enjoy!

What do I need to bring? To wear?
We provide the bikes, the helmets, and the water. We ask that you wear comfortable clothing you can easily pedal a bike in. Sneakers are a must, of course! Oh, and don’t forget that camera of yours. You’ll want to take lots of pictures along the way. Plus, we have an ongoing Instagram contest for our tour attendees. If we choose your shot, you win one of our shop t-shirts! Best shot of the entire year wins a $100 gift certificate to IBW!

Do you do private tours?
Yeppers! We’re more than happy to cater a ride based upon the personal preferences of your private group. Whether it’s a special family outing, a corporate team-building experience, or a girls’ morning out, we love the fun challenge of coming up with something unique!

We’re a group of experienced cyclists who want to do a training ride in Lancaster County. Got something for us?
Do we ever. Mark Branle, shop owner, two-time NJ State Champion, Masters racer, and training guru, will jump at the chance to help you improve your two-wheeled fitness! Whether it is a three-hour session or a three-day training camp, Mark will coordinate custom ride workouts and programs that will challenge you. He'll also be sure to keep you fed before and during your ride. Fear not, this includes the proper post ride libations!


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Intercourse Bike Works

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