Kauffman's Handcrafted Clocks

Isaac Kauffman, owner of Kauffman’s Handcrafted Clocks, has been creating family heirlooms for over 30 years. Located in the heart of Amish Country, Isaac specializes in custom Grandfather and Grandmother Clocks and has crafted over 500 since 1981! And, over the years, he has also handcrafted several styles of Mantle and Wall Clocks.

Every Kauffman Grandfather and Grandmother clock is individually handcrafted from the finest solid woods, and individually numbered. There are several different options available for Grandfather and Grandmother clocks; options such as raised panels on the sides, glass in waist sizes, solid waist doors, fluted columns in waist corners, fretwork on top of bonnet, oval sunburst inlays, etc...

You may choose the case style, wood stain, dial, as well as many other options. Each handcrafted piece of wood may be stained to match your decor. Beveled glass may be selected to enhance the beauty of your handcrafted clock.

All hardware is Solid Brass with key locked waist doors. Isaac uses high quality German cable-driven movements manufactured by Kieninger in all of his Grandfather and Grandmother Clocks. With a choice of melodious triple chimes, to herald the passage of each quarter hour and full hour, including Westminister, St. Michael and Whittington. Each movement is built with heavy brass plates and gears, hardened steel pinions and pivots.

Other features include automatic night shut-off and lyre or wood stick pendulums. Dials are available in brass or hand painted. All of our hand painted dials are custom painted, and you may choose the flowers, colors, and designs of your liking.

Kauffman’s also have a selection of Howard Miller and Rhythm clocks.

Take the time to visit Kauffman's Handcrafted Clocks on Route 772 between Route 23 and Route 340. You'll be greeted by the delightful tick-tocking of a shopful of clocks and will want to invest in one of the beautiful handcrafted clocks to treasure as an heirloom by you and your family.

A handcrafted Kauffman clock is truly a family heirloom from Lancaster County.

Kauffman's Handcrafted Clocks

3019 West Newport Road, Ronks, PA 17572

  • PHONE: (717) 656-6857