Lancaster County Food Tours

"Come Eat Lititz" is an easy stroll through one of America's Coolest Small Towns. Experience where food and history meet.
- Learn the art of pretzel making
- Find out why they are called "Whoopie Pies"
- Discover why the Moravian Church established Lititz as a settlement
- Experience the history and architecture dating back to the first settlers

Come Eat Lititz is a stroll back in time with unique tastes of the local area and beyond. Meet at the Visitors Center a few minutes before your tour starts and check in with your experienced guide. You will walk to seven local businesses including an Inn from the 1700’s, the oldest commercial pretzel factory and ending at Wilbur Chocolate, home of the Wilbur Bud. You will end just across the street from where you started. Along the way soak in over 200 years of history, culture and architecture.

Explore the history and local tastes of downtown Lancaster. All culminating at the country's oldest farmer's market.
- Learn how Lancaster became the oldest inland city in the United States
- Discover why downtown is dubbed "the new Brooklyn"
- Taste bites from Lancaster mainstays including pretzels and bird inspired sandwiches
- Tour the amazing and historic Lancaster Central Market

While Lancaster is known for it’s Amish heritage, take a walk with us to learn more about our historic, vibrant, art and food filled downtown. We will meet and the Visitor’s Center in Penn Square then walk to several local food vendors. Along the way we will learn why the Woolworth company opened its first store in downtown Lancaster, how our theater once housed the city’s first jail, and of course the history of our food and beloved Central Market.

A culinary exploration to the finest restaurants downtown Lancaster has to offer. Experience a taste and sip of their finest creations.
- Sample chef created small bites and cocktail pairings
- End with a delectable dessert from a world renown pastry chef
- Learn about the history of downtown Lancaster and it's thriving food scene
- Have a chance to meet the chefs and discover their passion for food

Starting outside the Visitor’s Center in Penn Square, take a stroll on the finer side of downtown Lancaster as your guide leads you on a showcase of the city’s culinary hot spots. Savor creations by award winning chefs and mixologists. Along the way learn not only the history of downtown Lancaster but why it has become a major travel destination and foodie haven.


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Lancaster County Food Tours

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