Misty Creek Goat Dairy

Family owned and operated

Dad developed and perfected the original recipe. Now sons David, along with his wife Lydia, and Henry and his wife Sarah continue the tradition of soap making. Our soap is hand made here in Lancaster County, PA.

Our bar soap ingredients start with over 1.5 oz of goat milk. After a natural curing process, the bars end up slightly over 3 oz. Finally, Mom and the girls hand pack each bar in muslin cloth to allow further breathing.

Recently we have introduced a line of liquid soaps. These soaps also have the high attributes that Misty Creek is committed to offering in their goods.

Enjoy Misty Creek's rich & creamy, delicious & nutritious goat milk. Misty Creek goats enjoy their yummy willow treats, and chowing away at the bunk. This results in delicious and nutritious goat milk. Savor over a dozen raw goat milk cheeses to choose from. Our caramels pair well with ice cream, apples, yogurt and more!

Misty Creek Goat Dairy

43 W. Eby Road, Leola, PA 17540

  • PHONE: (717) 656-4628