Changing Channels

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Feb 01 - Feb 20

The year is 1952. TV stars such as Lucille Ball, Sid Caesar and Jackie Gleason bring laughter into America’s homes each week, but nobody is laughing behind the cameras when a number of artists are blacklisted for their political beliefs. Based on actual events from the early days of TV broadcasting, Changing Channels is set backstage at the DuMont Television Network in New York City. As Cold War hysteria sweeps the nation, actress Maggie Carlin finds herself accused of being a “comrade to the comrades.” Is it true? Stay tuned.


Fulton Theatre

The Fulton Theatre, considered to be the nation's oldest...

Changing Channels

LOCATION: Fulton Theatre

ADDRESS: 12 N Prince St, Lancaster, PA 17603

  • CONTACT: (717) 397-7425
  • COST: $36