Manor Market

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Sep 11 - Nov 13

Supporting local small businesses, artisans, bakers, farmers and musicians. Second Saturday of the month, 9am - 1pm. A fun community event for the entire family!

Our vendors offer delicious multi-cultural food, snacks and desserts, fruits and vegetables as well as unique handicrafts such as pottery, home decor, all-natural soap, jewelry, clothing and oil, acrylic, and watercolor originals.

The location of Manor Market is near the corner of Manor and Leaman Avenues on the campus of Immerse International, 321 Manor Avenue, Millersville, PA.

upcoming dates for this event

  • Saturday, Oct 9
  • Saturday, Nov 13

Manor Market

LOCATION: Millersville, PA

  • TIME: 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM