Munchkin Science - Alphabet Scavenger Hunt

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Mar 16

This week with Naturalist Ann Strauss, Munchkins will have the opportunity to combine knowledge of the outdoor world with knowledge of the alphabet. Munchkins will hunt for items in the natural world, collect them and determine the beginning sound to match with a letter of the alphabet. When finished collecting, we will examine the natural items, learn a bit about them, and check the chosen letters. It will be an opportunity for all to learn something new. This program is geared to children age 3 to 5 years. Siblings are welcome, please call to register them. Register online or call (717) 295-2055 to register and prepay by noon on Monday, March 15. $3.00 per child 3 and up and $1.00 per adult.

Munchkin Science - Alphabet Scavenger Hunt

ADDRESS: 1 Nature's Way, Lancaster, Pennsylvania 17602

  • COST: 3.00