Our Plain & Simple Life – as told by the Yoders

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Sep 10 - Oct 17

Simon and Eliza Yoder were married 35 years ago. Join them in the living room of their Amish farmhouse for a conversation about their plain life – which isn’t always so simple. You’ll laugh as they talk about growing up Amish, working the family farm, learning to drive a buggy… You’ll be captivated by tales of horse and buggy mishaps, rumspringa, living among the “English” and facing difficult decisions. You’ll be moved by their touching love story and universal insights into growing old together. And maybe, just maybe, you’ll be the one who gets a fresh-baked shoofly pie.

An engaging new show from Blue Gate Musicals, the creative team behind The Confession and Half-Stitched, this intimate and interactive experience will entertain, educate and enlighten anyone who has an interest in Amish culture and the unique lifestyle of “the plain people” of Lancaster County.

Meet the Yoders – and get a plain and simple perspective on life.


Bird-in-Hand Stage

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Our Plain & Simple Life – as told by the Yoders

LOCATION: Bird-in-Hand Stage

ADDRESS: Bird-in-Hand Stage, 2760 #A Old Philadelphia Pike, Bird-in-Hand , Pennsylvania 17505