The GÜT life!

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Aug 27 - Oct 23

Join Simon and Eliza Yoder for a conversation about their plain life – which isn’t always so simple. You’ll laugh as they talk about growing up Amish, working the family farm, learning to drive a buggy… You’ll be captivated by tales of rumspringa, living among the “English” and making choices. You’ll be moved by their touching love story and universal insights into their 20-year marriage and raising a family together. And maybe, just maybe, you’ll join them in an occasional song.An engaging new show from Blue Gate Musicals, the creative team behind The Confession and Half-Stitched, this interactive 90-minute experience will entertain, educate and enlighten with its insights into the “plain” life of depth, beauty and lighthearted joy.Meet the Yoders – and get a plain and simple perspective on life.


Bird-in-Hand Stage

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The GÜT life!

LOCATION: Bird-in-Hand Stage

ADDRESS: 2760 Old Philadelphia Pike, Bird-in-Hand, PA 17505

  • CONTACT: (717) 768-1509