The Güt Life Christmas

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Oct 30 - Jan 02

Simon and Eliza Yoder never expected the special guest that showed up at their front door on Christmas Eve. They didn't even know the man in the red suit knew where they lived. And, trust us, the man was just as surprised as they were! When he finds himself at the Yoders by accident, this American Santa Clause spends time talking with the Amish couple while he waits for his ride and hears the Christmas Story for the first time. This brand-new Yuletide comedy from Blue Gate Musicals will both entertain and inspire you with its lighthearted look at a collision of traditions and clash of cultures, interspersed with sweet musical moments, tales of lost love and an important lesson about the real meaning of Christmas.


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Bird-in-Hand Stage

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The Güt Life Christmas

LOCATION: Bird-in-Hand Stage

ADDRESS: 2760 Old Philadelphia Pike, Bird-in-Hand, PA 17505