Vibrant Simplicity, The Concert, Beyond Borders

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Dec 09

Come and enjoy an evening of Jazz, Pop, and Latin music. Come and experience a unique atmosphere: Vibrant Simplicity, the concert, Beyond Borders creates a unique atmosphere that cannot be replicated elsewhere. The combination of live music, stage lighting, visual effects, and the collective energy of the crowd will generate an electric ambiance that is unparalleled. Meet artist Lisa Lynn Ericson and renowned artist coming directly from Lisbon, Portugal, Bogota, Colombia and Guatemala Central America. Come and experience it!

Vibrant Simplicity, The Concert, Beyond Borders

LOCATION: Wyndham Lancaster Host Resort and Convention Center

ADDRESS: 2300 Lincoln Hwy E, Lancaster, Pa., Lancaster, PA 17602

  • CONTACT: 17176154911
  • COST: $65