Sample Itineraries

Short on ideas? We've put together some sample itineraries for your group that may help you get started if you've got a particular theme in mind. All span the time period of a few days and include suggestions for dining and lodging. Download the pdf documents by clicking on the name of the tour.

Amish Tour
Buggy ride, Amish homestead attractions, quilt shops and museum, farmers' market, crafts and local jam/relish/canning shops.

Christmas Tour
Local shopping, theatre, factory tours, Christmas and heritage attractions.

Just the Girls
Theatre, outlet and local shopping, gardens, tours and on-site spa experience.

Quilters' Tour
Local quilt, fabric and craft shops, Amish homestead attraction, museum tours and demos, farmers' market, and theatre.

Spiritual Tour
Theatre productions, cultural and historical attractions and dining experiences lend the flavor of Lancaster's spiritual side.

Lancaster County Sampler
Traditional Lancaster County shopping, a buggy ride, Amish tours and attractions and more.