Amish clothesline

The Amish


Pennsylvania Amish Country is a picturesque landscape that must be witnessed in person to be fully appreciated.

Hot air balloon over Amish farm

Amish Farmland


Enjoy the Amish Farmland, whether by car, by bus, by train, or by hot air balloon!

Fulton Theatre in Lancaster City

Theatres in Lancaster County


Find yourself in awe, in stitches or singing along as stories come to life on stages throughout Lancaster County.

Fulton Theatre / NY Times

Group Tours in Lancaster County

Lancaster County is the perfect destination for your group!

Groups travel together for many reasons, from wanting to meet new people and experience new things to student field trips, from faith-based groups to friends’ getaways.

But whatever the reason, there’s one thing they all can agree on.

The heritage of Lancaster County’s Amish Farmlands and the history of Downtown Lancaster’s city streets provide a rich variety of activities and experiences guaranteed to satisfy any group traveler.

And our distinctive towns and villages make great stops, too, each one with a unique story carved into its dining, shopping, and historic properties.

Situated in the heart of Pennsylvania Dutch Country and with a reputation as an easily accessible value destination, we have plenty to see and do here for every group, no matter the size or time of year.

Our tour-planning services include itinerary building assistance, unique tour and event ideas, and connections to attractions, lodging, and restaurants. We also have a number of themed Sample Itineraries on our website –just look under the Groups Toolkit section.

So start planning today by contacting us at 717-735-1640, and we’ll help you create a personalized, one-of-a-kind group experience.