Natural Beauty.


All you need is love. Love is all you need.

Whether you're looking for sweeping estates, lush farmland, serene river fronts, elegant heritage, or an energetic downtown, Lancaster County has it all.

Dream weddings and receptions take many forms, but no matter the vision, we may have your perfect setting. Plus the quality vendors and service you’d expect from Pennsylvania Dutch Country. And usually at a fraction of the cost for similar venues and features in nearby metro areas like New York, Philadelphia, and D.C./Baltimore, yet in a location that’s just as accessible for your family and guests.

So relax. We’re here to make your special day as memorable, enjoyable, and well-planned as you always hoped it would be.

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AACA Museum

Congratulations on your engagement! The Antique Auto Museum...

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The Brasserie

Enjoy lunch or dinner with us in what was once home to...

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Bube's Brewery

Bube's Brewery is a 19th century brewery complex; a series...

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The name Citronnelle (Lemongrass in French) is synonymous...

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Demuth Museum

Situated between the home of world-renowned Modernist...

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E & A Candies

E&A Candies has been a family owned business since...

Fulton Theatre

Welcome to the Fulton Theatre costume shop. We recently...

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Moonstone Manor

Throughout many centuries, this 1742 Manor House has...

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White Chimneys

White Chimneys is an 18th century Pennsylvania manor house...