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The objective of our annual Hospitality Days Promotion is simply to educate all of us about the many diverse businesses here in Lancaster County so that we can be of greater assistance to our visitors.

2024 Hospitality Books will be active between May 1 - June 30, 2024. Sign up to promote your business and request FREE booklets for your staff!

2024 Hospitality Days

Deadline to submit/request booklets is February 24, 2024

Kindly submit either a giveaway or a 15% or more discount. Please write your offer here (300 characters maximum, no photos)
Even if you are not submitting a special offer, you can register yourself and employees to participate by indicating below the number of free coupon booklets that will need.
The cost of having an offer in the Hospitality Day booklet is $50 per special offer submitted. Payment is due upon submission of this form.
Please sign by typing your name below. This is the same as signing a contract, and verifies that you will pay the associated $50 per offer fee to include an offer in the Hospitality Days Booklet.