Posted: 01/31/2024

School Lunches – Lancaster, PA Style!

Stock up on great lunch ideas to keep your kids full and focused.

Are your kids tired of the same old boring lunch every day? Let's brainstorm some delicious and creative ideas to keep them full and focused throughout the day!

Try packing some of these local items in your child’s lunch for an authentic, nutritious, and most importantly, kid-friendly Lancaster County mid-day meal.

1. Rolled up Turkey & Cheese

Find deli turkey and other meats at Stoltzfus Meats & Deli and get some delicious cheese from September Farm Cheese! This makes a great alternative to PB & J, and easy for little ones to eat.

2. Cubed Cheese

Grab a selection of cheese from S. Clyde Weaver, and turn them into bite-sized pieces that pack in extra calcium and protien.

3. Grab a bag of Herr's chips!

Herr's chips make a great addition to any sandwich, either pack them yourself or find their individual-sized bags at your local store! If you want to have some real fun, take your kid(s) on their Snack Factory tour and pick up every flavor!
Herr's Snack Factory tour makes for a great school field trip as well!

4. Soft or Hard Pretzels

Not a chip fan? Pretzels are another salty alternative. After all, they are practically their own food group in Lancaster County with so many varieties to choose from. Make your own at Julius Sturgis, or purchase the famous Hammond Pretzel at their store.

More Pretzel Shops!

5. For a special day.

For a special day like a birthday or just a TGIF treat, add in a mini whoopie pie from Shady Maple, or some Wilbur Buds.

6. Farm-fresh Produce

Make any lunch special with locally-grown fruit or vegetables cut up. Serve with hummus or another variety of tipping sauce to make a healthy and colorful snack.

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