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Lancaster County museums and tours offer insight into every aspect of Lancaster's history & culture. From local art and the Amish community to natural science, trains, there's something for every person's interest!

DID YOU KNOW? Since its founding in 1729, Lancaster has had a rich and varied history. On September 27, 1777 Lancaster hosted the Second Continental Congress and was even the U.S. capital for one day!

Learn more fun facts about Lancaster when you dive deep into its history on your next visit. You can even combine outdoor adventure and history by the Susquehanna River.

History Trip Itinerary

Herr House summer

1719 Museum

The 1719 Herr House stands as the oldest structure and the...

Barry's Car Barn

Barry's Car Barn

Take a trip down memory lane with Barry's collection of...

Demuth Museum

Demuth Museum

A master watercolorist and pioneer of the Precisionist...

Lancaster Mennonite Historical Society

Mennonite Life

Experience the material beauty wrought by Lancaster...

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Many aspects of Lancaster's rich history have been made possible by the incredible bravery, intelligence and compassion of these women.

While you're exploring the great outdoors in Lancaster County, check out some of the county’s rich history too!

A three-floor brick mansion with white detailing, columns, and a grand staircase that belonged to James Buchanan.

Explore Lancaster County's history and heritage.

For an authentic immersion in early Pennsylvania German life (1740-1940), visit Landis Valley Village & Farm Museum.

From history to hands on, we’ve got you covered.