Amish Country

Visiting the Pennsylvania Amish in Lancaster County

The Pennsylvania Amish of Lancaster County are America's oldest Amish settlement, where tens of thousands still live a centuries-old "Plain" lifestyle. Arriving in Amish Country allows you to step back in time to enjoy a slower, more peaceful pace – one where the horse & buggy remains a primary form of transportation, and where windmills dot the landscape, providing power harnessed from nature. Always a vital part of Lancaster County culture, the PA Amish are involved in agriculture as well as an array of businesses and cottage industries.

An Amish boy plowing the fields. Photo Credit:

The Amish way of life of has remained largely unchanged for over 300 years.

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Amish Activities

Amish buggy rides, attractions, tours, crafts & food throughout PA Dutch Country.

For a fun and unique way to experience Lancaster County, be sure to take a tour of the Pennsylvania Amish countryside — you can even do it in an authentic Amish horse and buggy! Afterwards, explore the many Amish-themed attractions and events, shop for hand-made Amish crafts, and chow down on some authentic PA Dutch cooking — like that found at the Bird-In-Hand Family Restaurant and Smorgasbord. You can also experience the Amish with LoKal Experiences, offering an Authentic Lancaster Experience tour and their Unique Amish Immersion Experience. Tours of the Amish Village offer an intimate glimpse into the day-to-day life, as well as the history and beliefs, of Pennsylvania's Amish communities. If visiting in the late winter or early spring, don't miss the Amish "mud sales" that occur at firehouses throughout the region. These annual sales offer steep discounts on handmade Amish goods, produce, farm equipment and more.

Amish Culture

Amish culture, Amish religious traditions, Amish history and beliefs

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