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Plant & Garden Centers in Lancaster, PA

Plants, vegetables, shrubs, garden supplies and more!

Plant & Garden Centers in Lancaster, PA

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Plant Centers, Gardens, & Nurseries

Are you into plants, gardening, or growing your own vegetables? Come see what’s “growing on” here in Lancaster, PA. We are known for our fertile soil, lush landscapes, and great corn and crops, but did you know we are home to several wonderful plant and garden centers as well? Check out the list we dug up below to see where you can pick up some plants of your own just in time for spring gardening.

Ken's Gardens

3552 W. Newport Rd., Ronks | 2467 Old Philadelphia Pk., Smoketown
Specializing in perennials, herbs, vegetables, and special annuals Ken’s Gardens is a great all around garden center. They also offer houseplants, trees, shrubs and garden supplies. Plus, they are always willing to lend a hand with recommendations and advice.

Rohrer's Seeds

2472 Old Philadelphia Pk., Lancaster
Rohrer’s is a one-of-a-kind retail seed and supply store. With over 1,600 varieties it has one of the largest in-store selections in the country! In addition to seeds they also offer lawn care and farming supplies.

Frey's Greenhouse

1501 Columbia Ave, Lancaster
This family-owned garden center has been beautifying Central PA for more than 35 years. With an extensive selection of annuals, perennials, vegetables, herbs, and shrubs they are sure to have what you are looking for. They offer both difficult-to-find varieties and old-time garden favorites. Frey’s is often known for their hanging baskets and combination planters.

Village Farm Garden Center

1520 Division Highway, Ephrata
Family-owned and operated, Village Farm Garden Center provides gardeners with roses, perennials, shrubs, fruiting and flowering trees, and rare plants. As well as hardscaping materials such as railroad ties, stone, sand, topsoil, pavers and mulch.

Shenk's Greenhouse

2199 Old Philadelphia Pk., Lancaster
Operating since 1970, this family-owned greenhouse provides quality plants at reasonable prices. With lots of plant varieties your beds are sure to be beautiful after a visit here.

Stauffers of Kissel Hill Garden Center

301 Rohrerstown Rd., Lancaster or 1050 Lititz Pk., Lititz
Known as a local grocery store, Stauffers of Kissel Hill also has a wonderful garden center. Their expert team members will walk you through the best plants to add to your landscape, and suggest the most appropriate lawn care products. In addition to plants and garden materials, they also have mulch, stone, and pavers as well as patio accessories.

Esbenshade's Garden Center & Greenhouse

546 E. 28th Division Hwy., Lititz
A full service garden center, Esbenshade’s offers professional gardening advice and information, as well as new, unusual and hard-to-find plants for every season of the year. They grow their own plants, offering quality and variety at a great price. Their greenhouses are filled with over 500 varieties of beautiful annuals and over 2,000 varieties of perennials, herbs, and vegetables.

Black Creek Greenhouse

211 E Black Creek Rd., East Earl
Black Creek Greenhouse offers flowers and plants for every season of the year, along with a full selection of gardening supplies. They are family-owned and operated since 1980, providing over 1,000 variety of perennials, 130 herbs, and 50 types of tomatoes!

Groff's Plant Farm

6128 Street Rd., Kirkwood
This family-owned greenhouse and nursery has an extensive collection of annuals, perennials, shrubs, and vegetable starts. In addition they also specialize in garden-worthy native plants. Opening in 1993 with five greenhouses they have now grown to have 28!

Annual Gardening Events

Earth Day Celebration | April | Oregon Dairy Farm Market
Free poop! Bring your own bucket for free dehydrated cow manure- great for fertilizing vegetable gardens and flower beds! There will also be tractor and wagon tours to the farm and compost facilities. Learn about Oregon Dairy’s innovative composting facility- turning trash into treasure and helping prevent polluted runoff from reaching Lancaster’s streams and rivers.

Herb & Garden Faire | May | Landis Valley Village & Farm Museum
Gardeners rejoice! Plants are the stars at the Herb & Garden Faire at Landis Valley Village & Farm Museum, featuring heirlooms, native, and other hard-to-find varieties from vendors spread out over the historic village area of the property. Guests can browse from more than 80 vendors of plants, vegetables, herbs, perennials, annuals, shrubs, trees, garden art, and more!

Garden Railways Tour | October | Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania
Enjoy a self-guided tour of various private homes featuring unique garden railways with operating model trains. Tickets cost $10.