After Dark: Exploring the Haunted History of Rock Ford

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Oct 25

By day, the rooms of General Edward Hand’s 18th Century Georgian mansion are frequented by guides and visitors from across the nation who enjoy the beauty of its collections while learning about the lives of those who lived and labored here during the early years of the American Republic. After darkness falls, however, Historic Rock Ford takes on an entirely different atmosphere in which the echoes of the past begin to feel very present. The sounds of the old house and the wind in the ancient trees which surround it that go unnoticed during the day are now heard. Shadows appear to move within darkened corners. The legends and stories of hauntings that have surrounded the Hand Mansion since the eighteenth century suddenly become more difficult to dismiss. We welcome you to come and discover the rare opportunity of being in the mansion after dark. Will you experience the presence of those who, in life, inhabited these rooms?

During After Dark: Exploring the Haunted History of Rock Ford, our Executive Director and Curator will lead tours of the mansion in which they will share some of the legends and accounts of ghostly activity at Rock Ford over the centuries. Each tour will be limited to 15 guests so early reservations are advised to avoid disappointment. Additionally, because the rooms will be shrouded in darkness with only minimal lighting, each guest must be able to navigate in areas with limited visibility and be able to go up and down stairs with confidence. After Dark does not seek to startle visitors but, rather, to invite them to enter the mysterious world of Rock Ford’s haunted past.

Some of the content that will be shared is of an unsettling nature. Consequently, this tour is not recommended for children.

On October 25, tours are offered at 7 PM and 8:30 PM.

After Dark: Exploring the Haunted History of Rock Ford

LOCATION: Historic Rock Ford

ADDRESS: 881 Rockford Road, Lancaster, PA 17602

  • CONTACT: (717) 392-7223
  • COST: $20