BLUEPRINT Leadership Conference For Teenagers

Event Details

Sep 07

Parents, sign your teens up for BLUEPRINT 2024 on Sat, Sep 07 at SUPPLY in Manheim, Pennsylvania, presented by Arthur C Woods Coaching.

This live, in-person event is designed exclusively for teenagers, providing them with a practical blueprint for becoming extraordinary leaders.

At BLUEPRINT 2024, lead by Arthur C Woods and Elizabeth Joy Woods, students will explore critical topics such as:

(1) Embracing a Healthy Mindset.

(2) Developing a Leadership Identity

(3) Eliminating Limiting Beliefs (The Lies we Tell Ourselves).

(4) Healthy Habit Formation.

And so much more!

The conference offers an engaging experience with inspiring talks, interactive workshops and practical teaching.

Ensure your teen doesn't miss this opportunity to ignite their leadership potential. Join us at the BLUEPRINT Student Leadership Conference for a transformative experience that empowers them to make a lasting impact.


BLUEPRINT Leadership Conference For Teenagers


ADDRESS: 280 South Oak Street, Manheim, PA 17545

  • CONTACT: (610)739-0336
  • COST: $95
  • TIME: 9:30 AM to 5:00 PM