Our Christmas Dinner

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Oct 26 - Dec 30

It’s Christmas and times are tough for the Davidsons. George lost his job and Jackie has empty boxes under the tree in hopes that his unemployment check arrives in time to buy gifts to fill them. The check doesn’t—but unexpected guests do: a soft-spoken Amish farmer and his outspoken wife whose buggy is stuck outside in a snowdrift. Add to the mix Jackie’s brother and his new fiancée and things really get interesting. This Amish take on Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner serves up plenty of laughs, holiday memories and a whole lot of football.

Returning to our stage, this heartfelt and funny 90-minute show from Blue Gate Musicals features an entertaining mix of favorite carols, original Christmas songs and lots of laughter that all adds up to a memorable holiday experience.

Our Christmas Dinner

ADDRESS: 2760 Old Philadelphia Pike, #A, Bird-in-Hand, PA 17505



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