The Great Diamond Heist at the Strasburg Rail Road

Event Details

Jul 01 - Sep 04

The Strasburg Rail Road, America’s oldest Short Line Rail Road, is proud to announce the return of the Stunt Spectacular “The Great Diamond Heist”. Hop on board as the Strasburg Rail Road makes its inaugural run to Chicago, and beyond! But something seems…off. Not everything is going according to plan. The US Marshalls on board clearly have a secret, but no one can figure out why they are there? Suddenly an explosion sets off a chain reaction, and the true bad guys reveal themselves. Can anyone help get the train back to the Strasburg station safely? Or is the danger too much for The Marshalls to handle? Will our superhero The Hawk make it in time? Don’t miss this all-new Stunt Spectacular playing Friday-Sunday only at the Strasburg Rail Road!


The Great Diamond Heist at the Strasburg Rail Road

LOCATION: Strasburg Rail Road

ADDRESS: 301 Gap Rd, Strasburg, PA 17579

  • CONTACT: 18667259666
  • COST: $20-$30