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Lancaster Overview & Image

The old and the new mix easily in Lancaster, PA
Offerings of a big city, but with a unique charm and scenic backdrop all its own

Lancaster County in the heart of Pennsylvania Dutch Country is a wonderful blend of urban style and rural splendor, with a rich culture stretching from the Amish to the arts. You can take in our vibrant downtown city life – featuring galleries, great dining, specialty shops, and live music – or explore some of the surrounding towns and villages to get a sampling of the heritage, food, craftsmanship, and hands-on activities for which Lancaster is famous. We’re also an area long known for good value. In fact, your vacation dollars go further in Lancaster than in most other Northeast and Mid-Atlantic travel destinations. And you can get even more for your visit when you stay over and start your day with us. So enjoy the pleasures of waking up in Lancaster County by calling 1-800-723-8824 or visiting

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