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From city to country, contemporary to classic, Lancaster County offers an ecclectic variety of art and galleries.

When it comes to artwork, shopping in Lancaster County, PA is an ideal choice. Supporting local artists means fostering the vibrant creative community that thrives here. You'll find a wide array of artistic styles and mediums, all crafted with passion and authenticity. What sets Lancaster apart is the affordability of these exquisite pieces without compromising on quality. From stunning paintings to intricate sculptures, you can discover affordable treasures that will elevate your space. Explore Gallery Row in downtown Lancaster, where art galleries abound, showcasing local talent.

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Upcoming Art Exhibits in Lancaster, PA

Lancaster County is known for its rich culture relating to art. Explore our many gallery exhibits!

Gallery row in downtown Lancaster, where many art galleries are and First Friday takes place.

Experience the arts in the vibrant city and countryside of Lancaster County, PA. From Gallery Row in Downtown Lancaster to create-your-own craft experiences...

First Friday, Downtown Lancaster Photo Credit:

Explore Your Creative Side in Lancaster

The Discover Lancaster Art Gallery is a place to enjoy masterpieces from dozens of local artists. Stop by to check out the rotating...