Posted: 01/04/2024

Black History Month

February marks the start of Black History Month — a month designated to celebrate and honor the countless contributions, achievements, and sacrifices the African American people have made to our country throughout history.

Lancaster City is home to a Black community with deep, historic roots and invites all visitors and locals alike to celebrate Black History Month by learning more about our Black community members and their culture, supporting Black artists, supporting Black-owned businesses, and lifting up Black voices.

Important links to Lancaster’s African American heritage can be found throughout the city, in the form of historic buildings, monuments, and museums. To learn more about this heritage and pay homage to influential African Americans in the area, we've gathered some of the top landmarks and events to add to your itinerary during Black History Month.

Lititz Historical Society in Lititz, PA

Lancaster County museums and tours offer insight into every aspect of Lancaster's history & culture. From local art and the Amish community to...

Gettysburg landmark in Lancaster PA

Learn about Lancaster's ties to the Civil War and the Underground Railroad.

Stevens Smith Historical Site in Lancaster County, PA

Lancaster County abolitionists and their “safe houses” played a key role in the heritage of the Underground Railroad.