Posted: 02/02/2023

Murals of Lancaster, PA

Capturing history, heritage and life in Lancaster

Murals of Lancaster, PA

[Photo Credit: City of Lancaster Office of Promotions]

If galleries aren’t your thing, try looking for art around the local community. Lancaster is home to many murals, both downtown and around the county. Many of the murals are created by local artists, and showcase aspects of life in the city, around the county, and the area’s history and heritage. You can view these masterpieces on foot, or while you are en route to another destination in the county. They can add a beautiful detour to your day, and the best part is they are free!

Let our maps below guide you around the county to view these fantastic works of art.

Find murals in the city:

Explore Lancaster Countryside murals:

Although there is only a murals in the countryside of Lancaster they are still just as beautiful and worth seeing as the ones located in the city.

Check out more murals located in the city by going to Lancaster Public Art website.