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Roadside Stand Round-Up in Lancaster, PA

Lancaster County is known for its locally owned roadside stands. Stop by to pick up the freshest, seasonal produce.

From farm-fresh fruits and veggies, bountiful blooms, and even made-from-scratch baked-goods and dairy products- roadside stands in Lancaster County just can’t be beat. Where else can you pick up a beautiful bouquet of sunflowers, vine ripened tomatoes, a baked-this morning shoofly pie, and an ice-cold glass of root beer all for under $20? Nowhere that we know of! Lancaster prides itself on being a locavore community- “farm-fresh” and “farm-to-table” aren’t trends here, they are a way of life and always have been. From spring to late fall you are sure to find something worth stopping for at one of our road side stands.

Since they are often hidden gems on the backroads rather than on the main drags of Route 30 or 340, we have compiled a list of some of our favorite places to stop. As well as some “how-to” tips to help you act like a local. So come on, take the long way home and savor the simple pleasure you will find in a quart of freshly picked strawberries.

Roadside Stand Round-Up in Lancaster, PA

Amish & PA Dutch Country

Route 10 Roadside Market
941 Compass Rd, Honey Brook

Fresh produce, flowers, baked goods, and more make this stop a local favorite. Take in the farmland vistas on your ride, and enjoy delicious foods on the way home!

Peach Lane Farm Market
85 Peach Lane, Ronks

This indoor produce stand has seasonal items and a greenhouse across the road.

Calamus Run Farm Market
72 Georgetown Road, Ronks

Stop by during asparagus season (sometime late April or early May) through October, to shop their produce, farm sourced eggs and cheese and more!

Glenbrook Farm Market
338 Glenbrook Road, Leola

Glenbrook Farm Market has meat, eggs, produce, garden plants and more!

Melvin Nolt Produce
130 Glenbrook Road, Leola
This is your go-to spot for Lancaster County grown corn!

Nature Ridge Farm
416 Strasburg Pike, Lancaster

A regenerative small family farm, offering pasture-raised chicken and turkeys,100% grass-fed beef, 100% grass-fed raw milk and dairy products, pasture-raised pork, chemical-free strawberries, organically grown produce, canned goods, baked goods, and even some natural gourd birdhouses.

Lapp’s Farm Market
1406 Lampeter Road, Lancaster

Located before the traffic light where Pioneer Road crosses Lampeter road. This stand will be on the right when you are heading south and it sits back off the road. They have jams, jellies, produce, baked goods, and flowers. There is also chicken barbecue from time to time.

Bubbling Springs Produce

165 N. Hershey Ave., Leola

This shed along a backroad of Lancaster has corn and other season produce available.

Stoltzfus Produce & Market Fare
96 S. Groffdale Road, Leola
Welcome the spring season with plants and flowers from Stoltzfus Produce & Market Fare. Ask about their weekly chicken BBQ!

King's Produce
224 S. State St., Leola
Visit on a Friday & Saturday to try their "hot milk cake" and homemade root beer. Cut your own flower bouquets and shop produce from neighboring farms.

Horst Farm Market
640 Reading Road, East Earl
Shop plants, produce, baked goods, grocery items and even order from their deli counter.

Fisher's Produce & Roadside Market
859 Strasburg Road, Paradise
A wide array of preserved goods, handmade holiday décor, and seasonal produce available. There is also more quilts, crafts, and baked goods than your typical roadside stand.

Kauffman's Fruit Farm & Market
3097 Old Philadelphia Pike, Bird-in-Hand
This market overflows with Kauffman Orchards goodies, from our mouthwatering apple products and fresh apples, to grocery items and Amish bulk foods. Many of the items you can purchase inside our market are also available in our online store and can be shipped directly to your home!

Wayside Produce
900 Reading Rd, East Earl
Wayside Produce is a favorite of many locals, with delicious fresh produce, jams, flowers, and more. Enjoy Lancaster county's countryside heading to this stop.

Cedar Lane Produce
5171 Division Highway, East Earl
Shop indoors at Cedar Lane Produce for local cheeses, meats, and more.

Fisher’s Festivals
2816-B Irishtown Road, Ronks

Fisher’s Festivals farm stand is open during the fall and specializes in a variety of pumpkins, gourds, and mums.

Busy Bee’s Farm Market

3378 Old Philadelphia Pike, Ronks

This Amish roadside stand just west of the village of Intercourse offers delicious fresh fruits and vegetables in season, as well as homemade potato chips and crafted items. On Saturdays they have homemade soft pretzels.

Gap View Farm Market

5230 Newport Road, Gap

Visit Gap View Farm Market to pick up animal products such as chicken, beef, raw milk, eggs, and more.

Beiler's Fruit Farm
383 Springville Road, New Holland
Located in Lancaster's beautiful farmland, Beiler's Fruit Farm has everything from cherries and apples to baskets and crafts.

Summerset Farm Market
542 N. Railroad Ave., New Holland

Shop a variety of season produce.

Garden Spot Farm Market
524 New Holland Road, New Holland
The freshest produce and farm grown ingredients await.

Hammond School Farm Market
661 Ranck Road, New Holland
Cut your own flowers and shop their wide range of produce options. This aesthetic farm market emulates the beauty of Lancaster County's farmland.

Olde Heritage Rootbeer
3217 Old Philadelphia Pike, Ronks

Famous for their homemade root beer this stand also offers many Lancaster County favorites such as homemade potato chips, fudge, noodles, chow-chow, pickled beets, whoopie pies, and shoo-fly pies.

Pop’s Produce Stand

265 Paradise Lane, Ronks

Located just outside of Strasburg Pop’s offers fresh fruits and vegetables and are open seasonally from April through November.

Fisher’s Bakery & Roadside Stand

328 North Belmont Road, Gordonville

This stand offers a wide array of homemade baked goods such as pies, breads, sweet breads, cookies and whoopie pies. As well as homemade canned goods, jams, jellies and pickles. In fruit season they homemade root beer and lemonade.

Meadow View Heirloom Greenhouse
2931 Old Philadelphia Pike, Bird-in-Hand

During off season for farm-grown produce, the shop carries lotions, salves, teas, and more. In season, this is the go-to spot for tomatoes, peppers, and zucchini.

A.B. Orchards

5754 White Oak Road, Paradise

Along with preserved jams and homemade root beer for sale, A.B. Orchards has so many orchard fruit to choose from.

Everfresh Produce
3145 Division Highway., New Holland

Pick up fresh cut flowers (or cut your own!), raw honey, and more.

Farm Wagon Produce
1061 Weaverland Road, East Earl

Starting in June, cut your own flowers and pick up a variety of season produce.

Sensenig Produce & Flowers
1636 E. Main St., East Earl

Pick up supplies for your garden, plants, and a variety of produce.

Big Pine Farms
731 Village Road, Strasburg
The produce is sold on a covered wagon in the driveway of farm. Choose sweet melons, chile peppers, green beans, tomatoes and winter squash, plus cut flowers.

Small Towns & Northern Countryside

Hoover's Farm Market
30 Erbs Bridge Road, Lititz

Sitting among the beautiful views of Lancaster County, sits greenhouses with a large variety of produce.

Spooky Nook Produce & Greenhouse
821 Landisville Road, Manheim
The Stoltzfus family owns Spooky Nook Produce & Greenhouse. They open up their large nursery of flowers and plants up for visitors to shop and provide chicken BBQ, milkshakes, and root beer floats for sale on Saturdays.

Schopf Brothers Farm
3493 Marietta Ave., Lancaster | 1900 State Road, East Petersburg

Owned by the brothers who run Field of Screams, both stand locations offer seasonal produce, such as corn and tomatoes, as well as seasonal flowers. In the fall they offer a variety of pumpkins, gourds and mums. In the winter they have pre-cut Christmas trees and wreaths.

Evergreen Acres
745 N. Reading Road, Ephrata
Evergreen Acres is a great spot for a variety of seasonal produce.

Reiff's Farm Market
2902 Rothsville Road, Ephrata
Shop meat, dairy, baked goods, and Reiff's own sweet corn.

King’s Organic Produce
197 W. Millport Road, Lititz
This Amish run stand has both fruits and vegetables seasonally as well as canned goods, jams, and jellies. They also have nightcrawlers and worms for fishing- so if you are a fisherman this is your place to stop on the way to the river.

Kissel Hill Fruit Farm
2101 Kissel Hill Road, Lititz

Pick your own cherries and stock up on other seasonal fruits. Plan to visit when they're offering their weekly chicken BBQ and wide array of preserved and baked goods.

Breneman's Farm Market
811 W. Lexington Road, Lititz

Their offerings include corn, peaches, peas, and more.

Creekside Farm Market
1436 Mount Joy Road, Manheim

Though this stand may look small they have a great variety of produce- peppers, candy onions, beans, peaches, zucchinis, tomatoes, bicolor corn, and fabulous garlic.

Southern End

Red Barn Market
1402 Georgetown Road, Quarryville
Local & non-local produce and plants. Ask about their weekly chicken BBQ and cider donuts.

The Corn Wagon

2100 Block of Millersville Road, Lancaster

This is exactly what it sounds like- multiple wagons filled with corn fresh for the taking. They also have other produce such as tomatoes, peppers and eggplants etc., but corn is their specialty. If you haven’t had Lancaster County sweet corn you highly recommend you try some!

Masonic Village Farm Market
310 Eden View Rd, Elizabethtown
Fruits, Vegetables, Cider, Jams, Butters and so much more! On the edge of our county in Elizabethtown is located this small market. Credit cards accepted.

Sheep Lane Produce Stand
100 Sheep Lane, Washington Boro

Located just 10 minutes from Millersville University’s Campus is the Sheep Lane Produce Stand. Here you will find fruits and veggies from May-October/November. From strawberries and apple to pumpkins, gourds, and green & purple cabbage, you’ll find the price is always right at this local farm stand.

Funks Roadside Stand & Riverview Greenhouse

2277 River Road, Washington Boro

Located just 300-feet from the Susquehanna River, the Funk’s invite you to come enjoy this farm’s amazing produce, flowers, and view! Stop by the greenhouse in May for a free scoop of ice cream for everyone with your purchase!

Riverside Blooms
363 Penn Street, Washington Boro

This micro flower farm sells seasonal bouquets and loose stem flowers weekly from April to October. All flowers are gown on the farm and the bouquets change throughout the season based on what is blooming. The stand is open Friday & Saturday in April and May 9 AM to dusk, and Wednesday, Friday and Saturday June through October 8 AM to dusk.

Tomato Barn

65 Penn St, Washington Boro

Washington Boro, PA, has been home to some of the best tomatoes around since the 1930's. Great soil and temperatures lead to amazing growth and great taste, with the Jet Star tomato being the star of the show here. Check out the Tomato Barn for delicious tomatoes and other produce.

Riverview Roadside Stand
111 Linde Camp Lane, Peach Bottom
For all of your flower needs, visit Riverview Roadside Stand.

Eldora Farm Market
1920 Lancaster Pike, Peach Bottom
Shop their homegrown produce and ask about their weekly chicken BBQ!

baskets of freshly picked apples available for sale at a roadside market in Lancaster PA

Antiques Capital Region

Dogwood Farm Market
1124 Dogwood Drive, Reinholds

Get your potted and hanging plants, plus seasonal produce at Dogwood.

Just Outside of Lancaster County

Red Hill Farm Market
3967 River Rd, Middletown
Red Hill Farm Market is another local favorite. Fresh produce straight from the farm, honey, and they take cash or credit!

Do’s and Don’ts of Roadside Stands:

Be sure to pull fully off the road and park in the parking area. If no parking area is available be sure to park on the shoulder of the road as to not impede traffic.

Leave your vehicle running, it’s best to turn it off while you are browsing.

: Total up all of the items you plan on buy, most stands will have a sign stating how much each item costs.

Leave without paying, even if no one is at the stand. The honor system is still in full force here in Lancaster and stand owners trust that you will pay them for their goods even if they aren’t there.

Leave your money in the appropriate collection spot- whether it’s a jar, a tin, a cashbox, or even a rain barrel just drop your amount in before you leave. If you do not have the exact change just round up to the next closest whole dollar.

Take photos of the Amish if they are at the roadside stand, this is disrespectful to their culture.

Carefully load your purchases into your car and secure them before driving off. There is nothing worse than getting home and finding the peaches you just purchased are bruised from rolling all over the trunk. Often stands may have plastic bags or boxes for you to use for packaging up your purchases.

Get upset if you stop and they aren’t open or are out of your favorite tomatoes. Being that these stands are privately owned and operate seasonally we cannot guarantee that they will be open when you drive by or that they will have exactly what you are looking for. Also, many are closed on Sunday so plan your visits accordingly.

Be sure to savor every bite full of Lancaster County flavor!

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