Escape Room Lancaster

Do you enjoy TV detective shows such as CSI or Sherlock Holmes? Or maybe modern reality shows like Survivor, The Challenge, The Amazing Race where teams need to work together to solve a puzzle in an allotted amount of time? Or do you have skills for strategic games and brainteasers such as Stratego, Chess, Clue or Mindtrap?

Escape Room Lancaster is a unique interactive, entertainment experience that appeals to a wide range of demographics including co-worker interested in team buildings, couples looking for an interesting date night, bachelor parties, or a group of friends who want a challenge and laugh.

Escape Room Lancaster will give participants the opportunity to select from 3 customized rooms, each with a unique goal to be solved within 1 hour. As the suspense and adrenaline builds, you will work as a team using your wits, intuition, logic, and communication with team members to solve puzzles and connect clues before the time runs out.

Escape Room Lancaster

18 E McGovern Ave, Station Square Center, Lancaster, PA 17602

  • PHONE: (717) 208-6288


  • Accessible
  • On-site Parking