G. Robert Wagner, Artist

G. Robert Wagner is a well-known artist in Lancaster, PA. His work ranges from paintings and drawings to graphic design. A descendant of Pennsylvania Dutch and Mennonite farmers, he is very proud of his heritage being the early settlers to this area. His prestige in the art world was recognized during his studies at Millersville University where he was the honored with the “Workman Memorial Award”. Also early in his career, he illustrated the Official Lancaster County Seal and Flag that is still used today.

Since being selected by QVC for their "Best of PA" show and presenting shirts numerous times on national television, he started the Lancaster County Shirt Company. His screen-printed shirts of the Amish Quilt Collection, the Silver Star Quilt, Paradise Covered Bridge, and Amish Country Choppers are sold only in local shops in the area. Custom design services are available for shirts, illustrations, logos, and more.

Creating Art to evoke thought and bring about awareness the artist entered global competition and was awarded entrance into "Art In the Time of Corona" sponsored by Dab Art Co. The pieces include: "Lest We Forget", "Covid Not Over", "Listen to Reason, Reason to Listen", "Turbulent Waters", and "Ukraine is Bleeding".

To see the works go to the website: Artsy.net and type the artists name in the search box: G Robert Wagner

.The exhibit will be published worldwide, and an artist video will also be included in the exhibit thru 2023.

Works can be viewed in person in the Discover Lancaster Visitors Center art gallery and at G. Robert Wagner gallery in Manheim, PA. Find more artwork in the Nov. 2021 publication of Artistonish, an Exhibit Called Extinction, and Save the Planet.

G. Robert Wagner, Artist

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