Lancaster Gift Box

Shop Pennsylvania's finest selection of artisanal food products & signature gift boxes all in one place!

Lancaster Gift Box's flagship shop is located on the 300 Block of North Queen St. in historic downtown Lancaster, PA. Comprising funky specialty shops and vintage stores, The 300 Block is an authentic, local shopping experience.

Their Build-A-Gift-Box shop offers a curated selection of locally made, artisanal food products including farmstead cheeses, humane charcuterie, crispy pretzels, tangy mustards, sweet & spicy pickles, hot sauces, crunchy brittles, confections and more. Every item is thoughtfully curated and sourced from makers in Lancaster County and Central Pennsylvania. Customers will have the opportunity to have their gift boxes shipped for them from the shop.

Deliver joy to the people in your life with signature gift boxes, curated with handcrafted Lancaster & PA products. Every item is made in small batches with a lot of love. Every gift helps support local farmers and makers and 1% of every sale goes towards preserving farmland in Lancaster County.

Shop their signature gift boxes online at

Lancaster Gift Box

317 N. Queen St, Lancaster, PA 17603