River Street Sweets - Savannah's Candy Kitchen

Handmade southern style candies, World Famous Pralines, chocolate Loggerheads, ice cream, candy apples, fudge and sweets, made fresh, all day, every day, just for you!

Candy makes us happy, and even more so when we see the joy visiting one of our stores brings to our guests. Coming here is like a momentary flash back in time to a simpler day where you can let your worries fall by the wayside. Lose yourself amidst the wonderful aroma of fresh Pralines, gooey caramel and candy apples, or decadent handmade fudge. It's pure happiness to experience, and we are proud to be able to be a part of it! Located in the Lancaster, PA Tanger Outlet Mall, we are convenient stop any day of the week. Come by and say hello, watch our candies being made, sample a warm praline, indulge in your favorite treat and ask about our gift options, catering, wedding favors, and free shipping!

River Street Sweets - Savannah's Candy Kitchen

311 Stanley K Tanger Dr, Suite 1250, Lancaster, PA 17602

  • PHONE: (717) 947-7674


  • Accessible
  • Motorcoach Parking
  • On-site Parking
  • Takeout Available
  • Accessible (handicap) parking on-site
  • All public areas 36" wide with routes w/out steps
  • Full wheelchair access
  • Minimum 32" wide entrance
  • Sidewalks near building with curb ramps
  • Stroller-friendly