Lancaster County has so much to see & do, you've just gotta discover it for yourself

Planning a trip to Lancaster? Check out these #DiscoverItForYourself suggestions. When you find something that sparks your interest, just add it to your travel plans!

Outdoor AdventureOutdoor Adventure

You probably know Lancaster for it's outdoors - in terms of scenic farmland - but did you know that we're also home to some great outdoor adventures? Whether you prefer kayaking, ziplining, rock climbing, or just taking a leisurely bike ride, Lancaster County has something for you. Get ready to be blown away by one of our outdoor adventures on your next trip to Lancaster. So many of our great hiking spots are just a short drive from the other attractions and restaurants that you're sure to want to visit.

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Family Farm Fun in Lancaster County

Family Farm Fun

Lancaster County is known for some pretty cool kid-friendly attractions, from fun on the farm where you can feed animals to amusement parks and more. We're sure that every member of your family will have plenty to keep them happy. It's great to be able to spend the day outside on the farm to get energy out and make loads of new memories together.

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Farm-to-Table Cuisine

Lancaster County embraces farm-to-table cooking by bringing fresh, local ingredients to life in kitchens and restaurants across the county. We’re cooking and enjoying products that have been grown, harvested, and cooked all within county lines. Browse fresh finds at the farmer’s markets, dine on local delights, and indulge in sweet treats created with seasonal, locally-sourced ingredients. Bring your appetite and explore the culinary offerings of Lancaster, PA – from farm to table.

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beer inset

Ales & Spirits

With a brewing history that earned it the nickname of “Little Munich of America,” it’s only natural that Lancaster County has continued its tradition of fine hand-crafted brews and unique venues in which to savor them. Sample the offerings on Lancaster’s brewing and distilling scene on your own or with our Ales Trail as your guide. Enjoyed responsibly, we’re sure our Lancaster, PA microbreweries has a cure for whatever “ales” you!

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Indoor, Kid-Approved Fun

Although the weather in Lancaster is often beautiful, the rain is essential. Don't go home early because the sun isn't out, we have many fun, kid-approved things to do that are under a dry roof. Whether the weather is sunny or rainy, these activities will make for a day your kids won't soon forget.

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Vibrant Art Galleries 

Explore the blossoming art scene in Lancaster County with our Art Galleries Trail. Bring your creative eye as you make your way across the county, browsing paintings, mixed media art, pottery and more. 

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