Music Bingo Trivia

Event Details

May 23

Music Bingo at Grandview Vineyard from 6:30pm - 8:30pm is an entertaining twist on the traditional game, designed to bring joy to music lovers of all backgrounds. And guess what? It's completely free and demands no prior music knowledge!

Each participant will be given their unique bingo card, along with a master sheet for the entire table, making it easy to track which songs have been played. As we play a 30-second clip from a variety of tunes, spanning all decades and genres, you'll find yourself immersed in the world of music, marking off the tunes you recognize on your bingo card. And don't be surprised if you catch yourself singing along or swaying to the rhythm – it's all part of the fun! So grab a crayon, let loose, and get ready for a night where music and laughter intertwine.

Music Bingo Trivia

LOCATION: Grandview Vineyard

ADDRESS: 1489 Grandview Rd, Mount Joy, PA 17552

  • CONTACT: (717) 653-4825
  • TIME: 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM