Refreshing Mountain Zipline Autumn Fun

Event Details

Oct 22 - Nov 14

Leaf peep in a whole new way with our zipline specials for the fall! You may have ziplined before. You may have played cornhole before. BUT have you played cornhole while zipping through the trees? Come experience our Flying V zipline tour and toss 4 bags from 20-35 feet in the air- 2 while zipping and 2 from stationary platforms. In the harvest mood? Want to zipline? Is there a way to combine the two? LET’S CHUCK PUMPKINS FROM 35 FEET IN THE AIR! You will have the unique opportunity to chuck pumpkins at targets below while ziplining- two pumpkins, two targets, it’s a pumpkin smash.


Refreshing Mountain Zipline Autumn Fun

LOCATION: Refreshing Mountain Retreat Center

ADDRESS: 455 Camp Road, Stevens, PA 17578

  • CONTACT: (717) 738-1490