The Christmas Candy Caper

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Nov 01 - Dec 28

Candy store owner Lydia Miller is a long-time prankster, so when two men try to steal her coveted candy recipe and kidnap her instead, no one believes the ransom note is real. The ensuing exchanges between the kidnappers and the community are hilarious, and the conversations between Lydia and the kidnappers are insightful and enlightening, as each discovers that their lives didn’t turn out the way they expected.

This delicious new holiday show from Blue Gate Musicals was written and scripted by Martha Bolton. It will leave you laughing while you ponder the paths your life has taken and what happens when you cry “wolf” once too often.

Will Lydia get home for Christmas? Will the kidnappers take cows instead of cash?

The Christmas Candy Caper

ADDRESS: 2760 Old Philadelphia Pike, #A,, Bird-in-Hand, PA 17505

  • CONTACT: (717) 768-1568


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