Spirit of Hospitality Awards

The Spirit of Hospitality Awards program gives partners the chance every year to recognize peers who serve the industry exceptionally.

At our recent annual meeting, we announced our 2017 Spirit of Hospitality Award winners. The program honors individuals and organizations who exemplify the best of travel and tourism in Lancaster County. Congratulations to all the recipients, for the key role they play in welcoming guests and helping make Lancaster a world-class destination.

2017 Spirit of Hospitality Award Recipients

The Rising Star Award recognizes an individual who has been in the industry less than three years but is already known for their positivity in an ever-changing environment. 

Brett and Labrina Myers of the Magic & Wonder Show

The Bill Luckenbaugh Servant’s Heart Award recognizes industry partners who distinguish themselves in promoting Lancaster County tourism through exemplary service and dedication to the consumer. 

Simi Telesco of Sight & Sound Theatres®

The Spirit of Leadership Award recognizes exceptional professionalism and guidance as a supervisory employee. 

Justin Smucker of Bird-in-Hand Corporation

The Burnley Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes outstanding individuals whose pioneering spirit and demonstrated inventiveness throughout their careers have profoundly impacted Lancaster County tourism and inspired others in the industry – just like its first recipient, Pat Burnley, co-founder of Kitchen Kettle Village.

Jim Morrison of the National Christmas Center Family Attraction & Museum