Lititz, Lancaster County, PA

Quaint, charming, bustling, cool- all words that are commonly used to describe Lititz, PA, a small town in the northern part of Lancaster County.

Lititz is known for its history. It was founded in 1756 by Moravians seeking religious freedom. The intersection of Broad and Main Streets make up the heart of the town. Here you can find local art galleries, chic boutiques, antiques shops, cozy cafes, bed & breakfasts, and restaurants.

Giant letters, L-A-N-C, carved in ice illuminated by orange, blue, green, and red lights

A charming, historic town that's full of exciting things to do, Lititz is the perfect place to visit for a weekend getaway.

Lititz, PA

Lititz was the first community in Pennsylvania to establish a historic district, so many of the buildings in town date back in history. Log, brick, and stone homes in a variety of English, German, and Victorian architecture styles help make it so picturesque.

The architecture is not the only thing that makes Lititz historic. It is also home to the oldest commercial pretzel bakery in America, Julius Sturgis Pretzels Bakery, founded in 1861 and Wilbur Chocolate, founded in 1894. The oldest all-girls boarding school, Linden Hall, founded in 1746 is located in town as well. The Lititz Springs Park which hosts many of the town’s events was created in 1741. For more information on the history of the town visit the Lititz Historical Foundation.

Speaking of events, Lititz knows how to celebrate! They hold the record for the oldest continuous annual 4th of July celebration in the Nation- thanks to a group of young men that played baseball in the park in honor of Independence Day in 1863 during the battle of Gettysburg to keep the tradition going.

Other popular events held in town include:

In addition to these events, 2nd Friday in Lititz, held on the second Friday of every month, highlights the energy and enthusiasm of this charming small town. Shops are open late, with live musicians, artists and entertainers adding even more excitement to the sidewalks, patios and stores.

Lititz Farmer’s Market is held Thursday evenings from mid-May through mid-October from 4:30 PM until dusk in the Lititz Springs Park.

Where to Eat:

Downtown Lititz is packed with great places to eat- for being a small town there are certainly many options, some local favorites include:

Where to Stay:

Lititz is a great place for an overnight stay, with charming B&Bs and traditional hotels you are sure to find somewhere that is comfortable for you. Some places to stay include the following.

In Town:

Just beyond town:

Other popular places to visit:

For even more information, visit Venture Lititz.

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