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Top Must-Take Tours in Lancaster, Pennsylvania

An interactive way to explore Lancaster.

While visiting Lancaster, whether it’s your first time or your fiftieth time, tours are an excellent way to experience the culture, history, sights and food while learning from passionate local experts. Some involve walking around Downtown Lancaster or a small town like Lititz, while others take you around the county by bus, bike, scooter, or even helicopter.

We’ve gathered the must-take tours that will leave you with a wealth of Lancaster knowledge, and in some cases, a full stomach. Pick a tour (or two) to add to your trip, and get some insider information with tips from the tour guides to make the most of your experience. Be sure to keep up to date with us by signing up for our e-newsletter and start planning your trip by requesting your free Getaway Guide.

1. Julius Sturgis Pretzel Bakery
Tour the original pretzel bakery, learn how to twist pretzels, watch bakers at work, and learn about the history of pretzel baking in the United States. Afterwards, shop homemade goodies from the pretzel bakery! Ages 3 and under tour for free, ages 4-12 tour for $2.75, and ages 13 and up tour for $3.75. Groups of 10+ should call ahead to schedule their tour.

2. Amish Farm and House Countryside Tours
Take the backroads to get a glimpse into Lancaster County life with the Amish Farm and House Countryside Bus Tours. This 90-minute bus tour weaves through the farmland, takes riders to a tucked-away covered bridge, and passes Amish schoolhouses, buggies, barns, homes, and farmland vistas, all while sharing stories and facts about the Amish way of life.

Tip from the Tour Guide: Have your camera at the ready, but keep in mind that it’s considered impolite to take photos of the Amish where their faces are recognizable. Refraining from taking up close photos is more than just a courtesy; it’s a respect for our Amish neighbors and their beliefs.

3. Historic Lancaster Walking Tours
This tour takes you for a stroll back in time around Downtown Lancaster. As you walk, the knowledgeable tour guides tell stories about Lancaster’s rich history as one of the oldest inland cities in the United States. You’ll get a taste of the diverse architecture and cultures that helped build Lancaster to what it is today.

4. Lancaster County Food Tours
Foodies visiting Lancaster will love the tours offered by Lancaster County Food Tours. Eat your way around Downtown Lancaster or the small town of Lititz with a variety of tours featuring the Lancaster County classic (i.e. pretzels, whoopie pies, and Wilbur chocolate) and some unexpected treats (locally made wine & beer and fine dining delights). Great food is just the tip of the iceberg – the guides also share stories and history as the tour moves from stop to stop.

5. Ghost Tours of Lancaster
If you’re looking for a tour of a spookier sort, discover mysteries and tales from the past on a candlelight walking tour of the city with Ghost Tours of Lancaster. You won’t have to wait until Halloween to discover the city’s haunted history – tours are held year-round.

Tip from the Tour Guide:
Don’t forget your camera – you never know when the spirits will be restless!

6. Smoketown Helicopters Tour
See Lancaster from new heights by helicopter! Smoketown Helicopters offers tours from an 8-minute tour flying over the Strasburg Rail Road to a 50-minute tour that flies to neighboring Hershey and Harrisburg, with a variety of times and sights in between. These high-flying flights showcase the beautiful farmland and popular attractions you’ll want to visit after you land.

Tip from the Tour Guide:
Consider taking this tour at the beginning of your trip. Flying over the local area can give you ideas of other things to do while in Lancaster County.

7. Strasburg Scooter Tours
Scoot along the backroads for a one-of-a-kind experience in Lancaster’s countryside. Strasburg Scooters Tours takes riders over the creeks and through the woods and fields to discover covered bridges and farms. Not only will you learn to drive a scooter or scoot coupe (no special license required), but you’ll also learn lots about Amish life, farming and the history behind the covered bridges you’ll visit.

Tip from a Tour Guide: Dress for the weather at 25+ mph! While driving, there will be a constant breeze, in addition to the weather conditions. Hot summer days have a nice breeze to them, and cool fall days will feel a bit crisper. Dress in layers on cool days.

8. Taste the World
International cuisine is plentiful in Lancaster City, and what better way to experience it than with a food tour. Taste the World is held on the second Friday of each month, May through October, with a new theme each month. During this self-guided dining experience, restaurants provide a bite for participating foodies to try, from signature dishes (May tour) to dishes that highlight meat (September tour).Tip from a Tour Guide: Since this is a self-guided tour, it’s best to map out your route before you start. Some suggest going to the furthest restaurant first, then working your way back. Give yourself enough time to enjoy the experience and sights around the city.

9. LoKal Experiences
LoKal Experiences offers a range of tours such as their Craft Beer Walk, Tour & Meal with an Amish Family, Sweet & Savory Tour, and more! Each tour offers a great way to get to know the county through a different lens, and there's options for everyone so no matter what your interests you're sure to have a fantastic day in Lancaster.

Tip from a Tour Guide: keep in mind that it’s considered impolite to take photos of the Amish where their faces are recognizable

10. Kreider Farms Tour
Experience a real, working dairy farm at Kreider Farms. A high-tech view of farming, a drive down the Cow Palace, and a bird's eye view of the milking carousel, and enjoy a sample of farm-fresh milk! It is recommended you book in advance for your 90-minute tour.

11. Unique Lancaster Experiences
Unique Lancaster Experiences offers several tours such as International Foods, as well as Photo Shoots Tours in Lancaster and Lititz!

12. Lancaster City Architectural Walking Tours

Looking to learn even more about Downtown Lancaster. Join a self-guide architectural walking tour and learn about all the historic building that Downtown Lancaster has to offer. The tour focuses on three parts of Downtown, E. King St., W. Chestnut St., and Mussertown/Churchtown giving you details on each historic building along the way.

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