Marietta, Lancaster County, PA

Historic Susquehanna River Town founded in 1812.

The Historic District of Marietta was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1978. During the early 19th century, timber was being cut in the forests of central Pennsylvania. The logs were then floated down the Susquehanna making Marietta the perfect port for distribution, milling or rest areas for the rivermen. The taverns and inns (some of which still standing today) provided a resting place and allowed for the community to gather.

Visit for incredible riverfront views and activities on the water. Enjoy the historic architecture and charm. There are plenty of places to eat, stay and explore in Marietta!

Stop by to experience this historic town along the river.

Marietta, PA

Celebrate the history of the town in May with Marietta Day. This special event welcomes locals and visitors to walk Market Street and explore the antique shops, find unique crafts made by local artists, grab a bite from one of the food trucks, and purchase locally grown produce from the pop-up farmer’s market.

Located along the Susquehanna River, Marietta offers plenty of outdoor adventures including hiking, biking, rock-climbing, and activities on the water. Take a hike, bike ride or leisurely stroll on the Northwest River Trail. It offers breathtaking views of the river along the way and plenty of shade. From the White Cliffs of Conoy to Chiques Rock climbing, there’s always an adventure to be had on the shores of Marietta.

Head to McCleary’s Pub for a memorable dining experience. They offer a wide variety of live music, from blues to Irish Folk and have a spacious, enclosed patio that layered with greens and twinkling lights. Order a sour ale, cider traditional lager, IPA or whatever kind of beer you’re craving because they’re large selection is sure to include something new or your go-to favorite.

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