Posted: 06/03/2024

Asian-Owned Businesses in Lancaster

Explore Asian-owned businesses in Lancaster, uncovering the top dining spots, stores, and services in the AAPI community.

From international cuisine to art programs, Lancaster is brimming with a variety of Asian-owned establishments. Here, diversity can be found in our local shops and restaurants. Enjoy budget-friendly meals, hard-to-find products, and more with our list of AAPI-operated businesses.

Mojo Asian Cuisine and Sushi Bar
245 Bloomfield Drive, Suite 107

Located in Lititz, Mojo Asian Cuisine and Sushi Bar is a cozy eatery that offers a variety of Chinese, Thai, and Japanese dishes.

Yuzu Asian Cuisine
12 McGovern Avenue

Similar to its namesake, Yuzu Asian Cuisine sparkles with culinary zest and features traditional Japanese cuisine, ranging from sushi to bento boxes.

Diyo Fusion
101 N Queen Street

Your senses will be captivated by the sensational Nepali food at Diyo Fusion, featuring classic momos and curries.

Ginmiya House
1232 Millersville Pike

Relish classic Asian specials such as tuna rolls, green onion pancakes, and fried rice at this quaint spot.

565 Greenfield Road

Delve into an all-you-can-eat experience at Ginza, where heaps of sushi rolls, lo mein, and salmon teriyaki will have you coming back for more.

Himalayan Curry and Grill
22 E Orange Street
Savor mouthwatering flavors at Himalayan Curry and Grill, exploring exceptional Indian and Nepalese meals in the heart of downtown Lancaster.

Issei Noodle
38 W Orange Street

Craving ramen? Issei Noodle covers all the delectable ramen bases with an umami-rich broth, tender pork-chashu, and chewy noodles.

Mezcla Ice Cream
318 S Duke Street

Cool down with scoops of Mexican ice cream from this charming shop. Must-try flavors include gansito, corn, avocado, and guava with cheese.

Boba Thai Cafe
400 N Prince Street

Nestled in downtown Lancaster, this casual eatery serves refreshing boba tea in a Thai-themed cafe. With a creative selection of bubble tea and plenty of Asian dishes, Boba Thai Cafe is a perfect spot for adventurous foodies.

Rice & Noodles Vietnamese Eatery
1238 Lititz Pike
| 58 N Prince Street

Step into a welcoming atmosphere, where top-notch services will have you slurping your pho with gusto.

Silantra Asian Street Kitchen
101 E King Street
| 1917 Fruitville Pike

Build your own Asian-inspired bowl with your choice of rice, protein, and greens. If you have a spice tolerance, it’s highly recommended to drizzle your bowl with the chili garlic aioli.

398 Harrisburg Avenue #450

Sukothai imbues a modern spin on standard Thai fare, serving fresh rolls, skewers, and pad korath in a stylish setting.

Taj Mahal
2080 Bennet Avenue

Taj Mahal is an Indian buffet-style restaurant that offers a varied selection of curries, naan, and yogurt drinks.

Upohar World Kitchen
800 New Holland Ave Rear

This catering service will elevate your event with a wide range of scrumptious bites, ranging from Indian saag paneer and chana masala to Chinese crispy tofu and mai fen.

Yi Pin
1930 Columbia Avenue

Foodies with a spice tolerance will be enthralled trying Szechuan cuisine, where generous portions of chili oil create explosions of flavor.

Asian Market
248 E Liberty Street

Discover rare items and produce from different Asian countries, from durian and pomelo to Korean ramen and turon.

Asia Food Supermarket
550 N Franklin Street
Peruse through vast aisles of Filipino, Thai, Viet, Malaysian, and Indian products, finding a variety of staples such as spices, sauces, rice, and noodles.

Asian Center Supermarket
2060 Bennet Avenue

Asian Center Supermarket is the ultimate hub for affordable Asian products and food, selling fresh produce, poultry, snacks, and drinks.

Asian Mini Mart
1831 Columbia Avenue

This Indian and Nepali grocery store sells a wide range of must-have goods for your meal prep, including bulk spice packages and dried beans.

Blessing Grocery Store
24 W Clay Street Unit 2
Along with an array of Asian food staples, Blessing Grocery Store specializes in providing Burmese products. Look through one-of-a-kind items such as fried roselle with bamboo shoots, pounded fish paste, and crunchy fried peas.

Everest Indian Grocery Store
1621 Columbia Avenue

Experience friendly services and endless options for dosas, lentils, and samosas at Everest Indian Grocery Store.

Bamboo Shoots Media LLC
355 E Liberty Street

Bamboo Shoots Media creates short form videos that convey a deeper look into your brand, culminating in a high-quality and expertly shot story.

Estilo Wei
Estilo Wei is an art and wellness organization that supports the work of new artists in the Lancaster community, providing workshops in downtown Lancaster, consultations on creative endeavors, and more.

PhotOlé Photography
114 E Chestnut Street

Whether you’re looking to capture your big event or seeking a headshot for your portfolio, PhotOlé Photography will capture the perfect moment for any occasion.

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