Posted: 03/04/2021 | by Casey

Coffee Spots & Cafes in Lancaster County

Our favorite spots to fulfill your caffeine fix.

Coffee Spots & Cafes in Lancaster County

There’s no place like a coffee shop! Whether you’re looking to get some work done out of the office, scoping for a place to catch up with friends, or simply a caffeine-lover looking to get a good cup of Joe, Lancaster’s selection of coffee spots are plentiful—in fact, there are over 70 coffee shops to choose between, including nine that roast their own beans. Regardless of if you enjoy your coffee black or creamy, these locally-loved coffee shops will satisfy your every need.

BrickHouse Coffee and Kitchen | 53 Refton Rd, Refton

Tucked in the scenic countryside of Refton, this spacious café is the perfect spot for a quick bite or an afternoon with a book. Enjoy their assortment of Amish-made treats and variety of coffees.

Passenger | 7 W King St, Lancaster

Passenger Coffee is a favorite among locals with its fresh, modern café and locally roasted coffee. But don’t just take our word for it! Food & Wine Magazine named them as the Pennsylvania rep for their “Best Coffee in Every State” round-up, noting their gracious service and ideal location in Downtown Lancaster, in addition to their fascinating and carefully sourced coffee.

Prince Street Café | 15 N Prince St, Lancaster

This sweet spot is in the heart of Downtown Lancaster, conveniently located across from the Fulton Theatre. In addition to delicious coffee, this is a great spot to grab brunch or dinner with some pals, since they also serve gourmet soups, salads, sandwiches, and desserts. They are also a huge supporter of local artists, ranging from the jazz and acoustic musicians they invite to perform to the Lancaster County artists and photographers whose artwork they hang up on their walls.

Café One Eight | 18 W Orange St, Lancaster

Café One Eight blends modern charm with a rustic ambience, and is a great spot to enjoy a hot cup of coffee or a latte. It’s located in Downtown Lancaster, and offers a great selection of food and drinks, not to mention friendly staff. The large windows in the front allow for tons of natural light to get your creative juices flowing while there, and it’s the perfect location to get your daily caffeine fix.

Copper Cup | 7 W 28th Division Hwy, Lititz or 922 Columbia Ave, Lancaster

Copper Cup was started in Lititz, but has since opened up another shop in Lancaster, just a short drive from downtown. It serves a variety of food in addition to delicious locally roasted coffee drinks, and provides plenty of seating to sprawl out on while getting work done or chatting away with friends, along with a small private room that can be used for meetings or study groups. The shop gives off a bright and airy feel, and radiates a minimalistic industrial vibe that makes it both welcoming and unique. Another bonus: it provides its own parking lot so you don’t have to pay to park.

Courtyard Café on Main | 349 Main St, Denver

This quaint café is abundant with delicious desserts and pastries, in addition to great food and, of course, coffee drinks that will satisfy your stomach (and taste buds!). The owner, Courtney, is known for her kindness, and the staff is equally as friendly and helpful. The menu features many fresh, seasonal ingredients sourced locally, and whether you prefer coffee or tea, they’ve got a great selection of it.

Speckled Hen | 141 E Main St, Strasburg

This trendy coffee shop & kitchen features craft coffee and artisan food, whether you’re in the mood for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. The name represents a value for diversity, so everyone is welcome and embraced with a warm friendliness when entering. Its name also represents an appreciation for local farm culture, as the food is all local. Be sure to stop in for a coffee and a bite to eat!

Mean Cup | 398 Harrisburg Ave, Lancaster

If you’re looking for an affordable, tasty cup of coffee, you’re in the right place. Mean Cup is not only located at the Champion Forge Center, but also at Lancaster Central Market, which is open on Tuesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. Despite what the name might imply, fear not; the staff are super friendly! Stop by for a mean cup of coffee that will quench your need for flavorful caffeine.

Folklore Coffee & Company | 1 N Market St, Elizabethtown

Folklore has a homey, lived-in quality to it with its comfy mismatched couches, shelves of old books and board games, and brick walls, yet it has all the charisma of a modern day coffee shop. The menu is diverse and full of unique options for both food and drinks, and the space is spread out enough that there are enough seats for everyone. Local musicians often come in to perform, and like its name implies, this inviting coffee spot is worthy of being shared with everyone for years to come.

Blue Line | 561 Old Main Dr, Lancaster

This cool coffee shop is located on the campus of Franklin & Marshall College, but it’s open to the public year round. It has a sleek, urban vibe, and a unique spiral staircase leads to an upstairs seating area that’s great for getting work done. The staff is extremely welcoming, and the food and drinks are simply delectable.

Dosie Dough | 45 S Broad St, Lititz

A homey and eclectic space in the delightful town of Lititz, this is a must visit. We recommend trying their signature organic Dosie Dough blend coffees, fresh bagels, European-style breads, and homemade baked goods.

Square One | 145 N Duke St, Lancaster

This award-winning micro-roaster coffee shop is family-owned, and dedicated to serving coffee of the highest quality. They respect and support all the local facets that go into making each cup of coffee, from the farmers to the roasters and baristas, and are super gracious toward customers. If you’re looking for a nice, Instagram-worthy place to chill and sip on a cup of coffee while enjoying the outdoors, they have a lovely courtyard, decorated with twisting vines and sparkly string lights.

Commonwealth Kitchen and Café | 420 Pearl St, Lancaster

You’ll get that Lancaster feel for sure at this “farm-to-fork” café, featuring breakfast, brunch, lunch, and sweet treats made with local ingredients in addition to their coffee drinks. If you’re into latte art, you’ll love their special designs and various flavors. A great place to relax and enjoy time with friends or family.

Café Chocolate | 40 E Main St, Lititz

If you’re a chocolate lover, this place is most definitely for you. Whether you enjoy hot chocolate, frozen hot chocolate, chocolate dipped fruit, chocolate crepes, chocolate cake, or chocolate truffles, amongst other chocolate-y treats, this is the perfect spot to get it. The coffee drinks are also popular, and the atmosphere is warm and casual.

Café Di Vetro | 400 N Prince St, Lancaster

This Italian family-owned café radiates an urban atmosphere, and is dedicated to making their customers happy. If what you want isn’t exactly on the menu, they are willing to customize a drink to accommodate your desires. Everything is super affordable and will have your taste buds buzzing.

Tomato Pie Café | 23 N Broad St, Lititz

Not only are they known for their simple but artful food menu full of signature lunch and dinner plates, but also for their full espresso bar. They are partnered up with Passenger Coffee, and every one of their baristas has been specially trained to create a superior cup of caffeine couture. The room’s warm and cozy ambience coupled with their quality food and drink selection makes this café a must during your trip to Lititz.

Aura Espresso Room | 44 N Queen St, Lancaster

When you walk into this quaint café, you may be swept up by the feeling that you’re stepping into a picturesque café in Europe. They serve a full drink menu, in addition to sandwiches, gelato, and baked goods. Another fascinating feature that they possess is a walk-up window to order coffee when you’re on the go. You’ll love the aura at this place!