Posted: 10/11/2023

PA Dutch Shoofly Pie Recipe

Create the best authentic PA Dutch shoo fly pie!

Shoofly pie. Shoo-fly pie. Shoo fly pie.

Shoofly pie is a fluffy molasses pie that's a traditional dessert here in Lancaster County, PA. The pie got it's name because the molasses in it attracts flies, so when you'd sit the pie on the window sill to cool, you'd constantly be shooing the flies away. Sometimes when the Amish are having a large picnic, they will bake extra shoofly pies to put around the perimeter of their group, so that the flies are drawn away from their food.

Most people eat "wet bottom" shoofly pie, which differentiates from "dry bottom" shoofly pies because there's a gooey bottom layer that forms when the pie bakes. "Dry bottom" shoofly pie is more cake like.

Enjoy baking this authentic PA Dutch recipe at home! Be sure to head over to Amish Country and pick up a Amish-made pie to see how yours compares.

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