Posted: 11/08/2021

Why We Love the Holidays in Lancaster, PA

Joy and cheer is plentiful this time of year!

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While Lancaster is an amazing place to live and visit year round, it’s extra special during the holiday season. Attractions, shops, and restaurants get in the holiday spirit, and share in the celebration. Joy and good cheer fill the streets of Downtown Lancaster and our charming towns, while shoppers find the perfect gifts.

Come and see why we love the holidays in Lancaster, and share your holly jolly moments with us on Instagram using #HolidaysinLancaster.

1. Ample Holiday Cheer & Community Vibes

Lancaster comes to life during the holiday season with holiday cheer and community vibes that we love! It’s the beautifully decorated shop windows and towns, and the community gatherings to celebrate, from tree lightings in the beginning of the season to the red rose drop to ring in the New Year. It’s the carolers at Lancaster Central Market, and the warm Seasons Greetings exchanged in passing.

We love the ways that Lancastrians come together to share the spirit of the season, and want to share the cheer and traditions with you.

Holiday Events

Strasburg Railroad in Lancaster at Christmas in Pennsylvania

The holiday season in Lancaster County is full of themed attractions and fun events for young or old to enjoy.

Discover the heartwarming traditions of the holidays in Lancaster

Christmas tree illuminated in green and red lights in Lancaster, PA

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A couple experiencing the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire in Lancaster, PA

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2. Sugar Plums & Whoopie Pies

What would the holidays be without sweet treats to share? Whether it’s a homemade whoopie pie or a decadent dessert enjoyed after a rich dinner, the holidays are the perfect time to indulge just a little in Lancaster.

We love the bakers and makers whipping up treats for the season, ready to be picked up and shared at your Christmas celebration. When you share these treats, you’ll be sharing a little slice of why we love Lancaster.

Authentic Lancaster Cuisine

A small farm stand selling containers of peaches in front of a tall corn field in Lancaster PA

Farm-to-Table cuisine is a way of life here, with homemade and hand-crafted delights filling tables and tummies.

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Warm & Hearty PA Dutch Dishes in Lancaster County

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Macaroon shop window

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3. Full of Family Time

Ready for some festive family time? It’s another one of the reasons we love the holidays in Lancaster - from holiday events to chances to meet Santa Claus himself. Cheerful train rides, holly jolly light displays, and even old-timey horse-drawn carriage rides are just a few of the family-friendly festivities that will put everyone in the holiday spirit. Bond together during your time at the Amish Farmhouse Christmas Experience, on the Old Windmill Farm. Where you'll be able churn butter from fresh cream, bake fresh bread and pumpkin pies, press fresh apples to make cider, and preserve some homemade applesauce.

We love the time we get to spend together, making merry memories and creating stories that will be told for years to come.

4. Passionate Makers & Precious Gifts

The perfect gift is hard to find, but with so many passionate makers and business owners in Lancaster, the possibilities are endless. Passionate makers are creating quality goods that can be found in boutiques, farmers markets, and at the ever-popular Makers Markets.

We love that we can walk the streets of Downtown Lancaster, Lititz or Strasburg, while browsing wares and crossing people off our list – all while supporting local business.

Support Local During Holidays

Shop the latest styles, homemade crafts and unique gifts.

How many of these must-eats have you tried?

Market Towns in Lancaster, PA

Where you can buy fresh, buy local.

Local shop with open sign in front in Lancaster, PA

Shopping local in Lancaster is essential to experience the fullness of what the County has to offer.

Horse pulling a wagon at Old Windmill Farm in Lancaster, PA during the fall.

Explore the Regions of Lancaster County, PA

5. Stunning, snowy scenery

There are few things lovelier than snow-covered farmland. If we’re lucky enough to get a dusting of snow around the holiday season, we love hitting the backroads (once they’re safe to travel) to capture and take in the beauty around us.

The crisp air and surrounding winter wonderland is so refreshing, and is just another reason why we love the holidays here in Lancaster.

When you’re in need of a hefty dose of holiday cheer, come see why we love the holidays in Lancaster for yourself.

Create a Picture Perfect Memory

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