Wright's Ferry Mansion

Wright's Ferry Mansion stands as evidence of the strong rooting of the settlement made by a handful of English Quakers coming from Chester and Darby, Pennsylvania, to wild and virtually uninhabited country along the Susquehanna River. Pervaded by English Quaker elegance and simplicity, this house, built in 1738, reflects the sophisticated tastes and panoply of interests of its original owner, Susanna Wright. A dynamic force in establishing colonial self-sufficiency, she encouraged industry, especially the production of silk; imparted her knowledge of law and medicine by providing counseling and medical help; implanted her Quaker beliefs; and stimulated a literary current through her poetry and correspondence. The mansion houses a superlative collection of Philadelphia furniture, English ceramics, needlework, metals and glass, all made prior to 1750.

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Wright's Ferry Mansion

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