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Thank you for choosing Lancaster County as the host destination for your next event!

Program Requirements

  • For any event that receives marketing support, it is mandatory to prominently display the Discover Lancaster Logo on all communication and marketing materials. This includes, but is not limited to, the event website, e-blasts, printed collateral, and direct mail pieces, starting from 3 to 6 months prior to the event.
  • For any digital placements, the Discover Lancaster logo should be hyperlinked directly to the "Things to Do" section of the Discover Lancaster website at
  • For all printed materials and direct mailers, it is required to include the Discover Lancaster logo along with the URL of the "Things to Do" page.
  • When posting about the event on social media platforms, it is essential to tag the following accounts.

Tik Tok


To Receive the Grant

In order to obtain the grant payment, certain conditions must be met upon the conclusion of the event. These conditions include:

  • Providing examples or screenshots that demonstrate compliance with all specified marketing requirements, such as website listings, social media posts, newsletters, and e-blasts. These materials should be sent to at the time of each marketing release.
  • Submitting a report detailing any additional marketing activities carried out on behalf of Discover Lancaster, such as TV advertisements or webcasts.
  • Ensuring that the grant funds will only be disbursed if at least 80% of the predetermined number of participants and/or total room nights are achieved.
  • Providing a completed and signed W9 form for payment processing.
  • Completing and returning a post-event report, which should include demographic information about the event such as total participation, attendance figures, the percentage of out-of-market teams, and hotel reports.

Qualification Form for Event Marketing Support

This form is to be completed by the event representative seeking financial or marketing assistance from Discover Lancaster for promoting a future event. The aid allocation is dependent on the event's economic impact and the extent of exposure it offers to Discover Lancaster beyond the local market. Please complete all relevant sections.

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